Frequently Asked Questions

I want to adopt a Retriever from Golden Paws Rescue but I
don't live in Brisbane.

Golden Paws Rescue Inc. currently adopts our dogs in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Fraser Coast Region. This is because our support base of carers, our Committee Members, and Veterinary services are located in these areas, and this is where our foster dogs are located. We do not adopt Gold Coast, remote Qld, interstate or overseas.  We are only a small Rescue run by a handful of Volunteers who assist on weekends when available.  Part of our adoption procedure is to conduct premises inspections to check out suitability of homes for our dogs, arranging meet and greets, visit families etc,  and this proves impossible outside of these areas.
We all are Volunteers and have jobs, and in an ideal world, it would be wonderful to be able to help everyone, but we can only do what we can with our resources.

We do not adopt interstate or overseas.

** Golden Retriever Rescue (GRR) are a fantastic retriever rescue group situated in 
    NSW, VIC and ACT for any interstate enquiries.   They do amazing work!


I want to buy a retriever from you, can you put me on your waiting list.

Golden Paws Rescue do not have waiting lists for people wanting to adopt.  Each dog is different and will have different needs, therefore it is not a case of "first in, first served" so to speak.  When we place our dogs in our Adoption Program and you feel that your home and family is the pawfect fit, you are more than welcome to complete an Expression of Interest Application.  We will always match our dogs to the most pawsome family that suits that particular dogs requirements.

I have found a stray Retriever, I am interested in keeping it.

You need to contact your local Council and let them know you have found a dog. Remember that this dog may belong to someone and could just be lost.  Take to your local Vet to be scanned for a microchip.  Some local rescues (including Golden Paws Rescue Inc.) have microchip scanners and can assist in this regard also. You can also notify social media Lost Pets Coordinator in your area.

I have lost my Retriever, what do I do?

Contact your local Pound immediately and notify them, in case your dog has been picked up. Visit your pound, check out the doggies that have been taken to your local facility.  Phone the vets in your area, and post on social media.  You can also contact Golden Paws Rescue Inc.and we will place on our Page for supporters to share.  Please contact the microchip company that your dog is registered to, and let them know your dog is lost.  Please remember to keep your microchip details up to date at all times.

What does it mean when you put a dog "On Hold"?

It means that after receiving numerous Expressions of Interest for that particular doggie, we have narrowed our search, and have chosen a few families that we are interested in, and one of them will adopt our Goldie.  Therefore we place our dogs profile "on hold" and do not accept any more enquiries.


I can't keep my Retriever anymore, what can I do ?

If you are in a situation and you need to surrender your Golden Retriever, please contact Golden Paws Rescue Inc. and we will help you as much as we can.  You can download the Surrender Form and email to us at  We will contact you upon receiving your form to discuss how we can help.  Please include two recent photographs of your dog with your Surrender Form.


Please consider Golden Paws Rescue before giving away on Gumtree or other sites.  All our rescue dogs are placed in family homes, and all vet work is completed. Our rescue dogs sleep inside the home and are a valued member of the family.  

If we can coordinate with the family, we can take into care Retrievers from most areas in Queensland.

- Surrender Form -
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Can I meet the dogs you have in care?

All of our surrendered Retrievers are placed in family homes in Brisbane and in Hervey Bay.  We do not have a shelter or kennel type facility that people can visit.  When we have time and our carers are available, we occasionally will meet at our local dog park to socialise our Goldies and have a chat with people!  (we will notify on our page if this happens).

Our dogs are introduced to potential families when they are available for adoption, after we have received and approved your Expression of Interest application form.

I have seen a Retriever advertised on Gumtree, can you help?

We can certainly try.  If you can send an email to us at with the link to the gumtree ad and any additional information you can provide, we will do our best to offer assistance.

We ask that our supporters email this information, rather than place a public message on our Facebook page, as this may impact our ability to help the retriever in question.  Thank you.

We are going away for a couple of months, do you offer babysitting services?

No, we don't offer babysitting services.  We are a Rescue Organisation. If we babysit your dog, it means that one of our foster carers is tied up for a period of time, and cannot assist a dog that actually needs assistance.  Check your local area for house sitters or similar.  Sorry, but we cannot provide this service.

Can I foster a Golden Retriever?

Our Rescue have a small handful of foster carers on the north side of Brisbane and in Hervey Bay.  This is because our Vets are located in these areas and within easy access of our carers homes.

What are some things we look for in a foster family home?
A family that can walk our rescue dogs, a home with secure fencing. A home with another dog for company would be wonderful, and a family that allows our dogs inside to be with them, and also sleep inside.  In other words, a dog that is naturally part of your family.  As we are not always sure of the background or behaviour of some surrendered Goldies, we do not normally place them in a foster family with young children.  We welcome enquiries from people that are retired and looking to help our dogs on the road to recovery!

If you would like to know about fostering please feel free to email us at  We welcome your enquiry.

You can also download our Foster Care Application Form which is available by click on the paws to the right!

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Currently we do have enough foster carers, thank you!