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**All our Goldies are desexed, vaccinated, heart worm, intestinal worm, flea and tick treated, and microchipped**


Pretty as a Picture!

Marley is a sweet gentle 6 year young girl who shows her affection by talking to and licking her humans.  She loves both human and dog company and would be best suited to a home with either a doggie or human company throughout the day.    She is great with doggies of all sizes, but does tend to get overexcited with smaller dogs.  She loves a good play and rumble with her retriever foster brother.  She loves to chew and play with her toys and teddies, but isn’t toy obsessed.


Marley Moo enjoys socialising.  She thoroughly enjoys her local dog park, and while she loves her beach visits and playing in the sand, she is not a fan of the water.


Marley is a closet couch sleeper inside and has been busted slinking off the couch on occasion!


Marley has elbow dysplasia and over the last four weeks has had a course of Cartophen injections, and boy, what a difference that has made to this lovely girl! The injections have given her a new lease of life.  She seems much more comfortable in her day to day life and just loves being active and outdoors on walks.


Marley is a slower eater but certainly loves her food.  Since her initial fussiness with food we have had no problems getting her to eat meals.  Her diet includes both good quality dry kibble and raw food, as well as Omega Oil, supplements etc.  She is fine eating beside her foster brother and shows no aggression or hostility towards other dogs when food is around.


She does sometimes lack manners and boundaries around human food.  Some examples are taking food off the kitchen bench and snatching bags of food from hands when unaware.  She is making progress in learning boundaries around the kitchen and food, but on occasion still requires a gentle reminder in this regard.  

She loves treats however is learning to be gentle when it comes to taking treats from her human’s hands.  Marley is improving but can still be a little overexcited and forget her manners sometimes!

Marley will sit on command however the sitting upright position can sometimes be a little uncomfortable for her due to her elbows.  She won't sit for long and will lay down after a few seconds. She will sit for short periods for her breakfast and dinner and also when crossing the road. 


She is better at recall now around the home, but she has not been off lead at the beach etc.  A long lead is definitely the way to go for Marley! 



Marley has elbow dysplasia.  As per Vet advice, Marley has “flat” walks for no more than 20 minutes per walk.  Marley walks exceptionally well on a harness.  She absolutely loves her walks and twice a day for this girl is great!  She bounces around like a puppy when she knows it’s time to go!


Marley needs assistance to get in and out of the car, she cannot jump in, nor should she be expected to.  She isn’t that keen on car rides, however we feel it is because of her elbows, not the actual journey.


She does stumble from time to time over her front legs, but she is not in pain.  Elbow Dysplasia has not stopped her from doing normal doggie activities.


Marley will require a Cartophen injection every 3 months from her Vet to make her feel comfortable.  The approximate price is $30 to $35.


Marley doesn’t mind being washed but does not like the blow dryer.  She will need to be lifted in and out of the dog wash.  She tolerates being brushed for a short period of time. Her coat is coming along so nicely.  She has no issues with her feet being touched or her ears being cleaned.




Marley will be adopted to a family in a single storey dwelling, with preferably another similar sized doggie in residence or a family that are home (retired etc).  Marley won't be available to a home with children under 10 years of age.


We will be looking favourably for a family that are willing to include Marley in all aspects of family life. A family that will take Marley on short walks and socialise her with friends and other doggies!  Marley is fed a quality diet incorporating raw food, as well as supplements.  Marley will need a Cartophen injection every 3 months as advised by her Vet.  Her medical and nutritional needs will be a consideration in a potential adoption.

Marley been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, annual heartworm injection, & intestinal wormed, flea & tick treated, & her adoption fee is $550.  Marley is available for adoption in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Hervey Bay.  Please note we do not adopt interstate or overseas.


Marley is being fostered in Brisbane.  Part of our adoption process is to meet our dogs with your family, after our Committee have approved an application.  Meet and Greets will take place where our dogs are being fostered.

Successful families are chosen based on their compatibility with the individual needs & lifestyle requirements of each Golden in our care. We do encourage anyone interested in adopting one of our Goldies to please read our Adoption Process which is located on our website under the “Our Adoption Process” tab. This lists our process from start to finish. 


In order to be considered for adoption, you will need to complete our Expression of Interest form. If we don’t receive this application form with your email, we cannot consider you as a potential family & we can't contact you. We require this information to help us determine the best possible home for Marley.  Just as you want to know about Marley, we need to know about you too!


Please click on the paws to the right here.  Open up the EOI form, print out, complete, & return to us (saved as a PDF) to goldenpawsrescue@bigpond.com. Please include any requested information.

Please ensure that you have attached your Expression of Interest Form & any other relevant information when you email our Team!

Please note:

A general enquiry is not an Expression of Interest application.

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