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**All our Goldies are desexed, vaccinated, heart worm, intestinal worm, flea and tick treated, and microchipped**

The Devine
Miss Daisy!

Profile updated due to Miss Daisy's improvements!

Our gorgeous senior Labrador, Miss Daisy, is searching for a very special family to love her for the rest of her life!  This 10 year old lady has been getting healthier & happier whilst in our care & she is just thriving!  

Daisy just luvs her hoomans & will follow you around, she will be your shadow and absolutely thrives on a cuddle! She enjoys being brushed gently.  Daisy visits the beach with our other doggies in care and has been very well behaved!

Miss Daisy visits our Vet once a month for a cartrophen injection.  We have had no problems trimming the fur on her feet, or her nails.  She tolerates a bath & luvs being towel dried.   She takes her medication well (ear/eye drops).  Daisy weighs 25kg which is a perfect weight for her size!  She is well behaved in her home & is not destructive.  She can currently use a doggie door.

Miss Daisy does struggle to get a “grip” on tiles, to lie down & get up due to her arthritis.  As a result, we have placed good grip mats (yoga mats etc) around the home which has aided Daisy in this movement.  While Daisy does need to be lifted in & out of the car, she travels well.  Daisy has been practising on a ramp & is doing so much better, but will still need a little assistance from a couple of hoomans to guide her!  

Daisy enjoys her 10 to 15 minute walks around town.  Her energy level can vary day to day.  She does pull a little initially when she sees another dog or smells something of interest and she doesn't mind having a roll in the grass!

Daisy is fed twice a day, quality dry kibble in the morning and BARF patties for dinner, which she luvs!  She enjoys her treats (lamb jerky, liver treats, chicken tenders, green lipped mussel etc).  Treats do need to be given from the palm of your hand as she can sometimes snatch.  She is fed outside & tends to toilet immediately after eating.  

Daisy doesn’t have an interest in toys or balls, except her treat ball.  She has shown some evidence of mild storm phobia.  If we sit with her on her bed, she seems happier.  Daisy spends most of her time inside, & she sleeps inside at night.

Daisy doesn’t seem to mind being left for a couple of hours now.  She usually lies quietly by the front door waiting for her family to return.

Daisy has had a full dental, scale & clean
She has had procedures to remove a small benign tumour from her side & removal of a skin tag from her eye. Daisy has a cartrophen injection once a month & is on Meloxicam each night 😊

Miss Daisy is extremely attached to her hoomans & likes to be near them.  Daisy will be rehomed to a family that are home for a majority of the time and where Daisy is allowed to live inside.  Daisy will sleep inside & be close to her family.  Daisy has started to relax a little around small and large dogs, while off lead in her local doggie park, and we are continuing to work on her socialisation.  We would luv for Daisy to be placed in a home with another chilled doggie her own size and will take this into consideration when reviewing applications.  Daisy has not responded well to cats when road tested.   Daisy will only be placed in a single storey home with no stairs.

Miss Daisy has been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, heartwormed & intestinal wormed, flea & tick treated, & her adoption fee is $350.  Miss Daisy is available for adoption in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Hervey Bay only.  Please note we do not adopt interstate or overseas. 


Daisy is being fostered in Hervey Bay.  Part of our adoption process is to meet our dogs with your family, after our Committee have approved an application.  Meet and Greets will take place where our dogs are being fostered, if an application is approved as suitable.

Successful families are chosen based on their compatibility with the individual needs & lifestyle requirements of each Golden in our care. We do encourage anyone interested in adopting one of our Goldie’s to please read our Adoption Process which is located on our website under the “Our Adoption Process” tab. This lists our process from start to finish. 


In order to be considered for adoption, you will need to complete our Expression of Interest form. If we don’t receive this application form with your email, we cannot consider you as a potential family & we can't contact you. We require this information to help us determine the best possible home for Daisy.  Just as you want to know about Miss Daisy, we need to know about you too!


Please click on the paws to the right here.  Open up the EOI form, print out, complete, & return to us (saved as a PDF) to goldenpawsrescue@bigpond.com. Please include any requested information.

Please ensure that you have attached your Expression of Interest Form & any other relevant information when you email our Team!

Thank You!

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Golden Paws Rescue Inc.

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