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August 2016


I had been volunteering at my local shelter for about a year when a beautiful old soul was surrendered to the shelter in a bad way. He was given the name Benny. He was 11 years old.


Golden Paws Rescue saved Benny and took him into care.  I would hate to think what Benny’s fate might have been if rescues like GPR didn’t exist.  Benny being an old dog had a few medical issues which require ongoing treatment. GPR took Benny on no questions asked and provided him with all the treatment he needed and gave him a fresh new outlook on life.


I started volunteering with Golden Paws Rescue (GPR) in May, when I was lucky enough to foster Benny.  In July this year, I became a foster fail.  I couldn’t let Benny go. He means the world to me and my family and I couldn’t imagine life without him. I was officially a “foster fail”.


Some might say that the process involved to adopt a Golden through GPR is complex and involved.  Yes that is the case, however  the need to find the perfect home for these wonderful deserving dogs greatly outweighs the need to move them on as quickly as possible or adopt a “first in best dressed” policy.


It is important these dogs go to the family that will love and care for them for the rest of their lives.


Bridget works tirelessly to find wonderful, loving homes for the Goldies that come into her care.  I see it first hand.  I am VERY proud to be a part of the GPR team. 


(Benny’s mum)


January 2017


Woody the big 7 year old Luv Bug is now a very treasured family member. In his life so far he has had his problems but they are far behind him now due to the wonderful work of Golden Paws Rescue.

When Woody was rescued by Golden Paws his health was poor. The first thing Bridget and her team did was to make sure Woody’s health issues were addressed so he was completely vet checked. Any medical issues that were discovered were looked after, even a small operation that he required. Woody was overweight so Bridget put him on a diet of really nutritious food, groomed him, exercised him and very importantly loved him back to the happy dog he is today.

The professional team at Golden Paws are dedicated to the welfare and of all the Golden Retrievers in their care. They take time to understand the dogs that they rescue before offering them for adoption and then qualify any applicants rigorously. The end result of all the care that they take is wonderful, and is in the best interests of the dog. In our case; Woody has easily slotted into our family, he came to us happy healthy and ready to start a new life and was a perfect edition to our family.


We love him enormously and will be forever grateful to Bridget, Carla and the team at Golden Paws

Woodys Family

May 2017

"We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to the amazing team at Golden Paws Rescue!  We recently adopted Retro through them; the most beautiful, big hearted, goofy 8-year-old golden retriever and we couldn’t be happier.


The adoption process was very thorough but as a dog lover, you can truly understand why.  They don’t just hand the dogs over to the first person who shows interest… the team at Golden Paws ensure that not only is the dog the right fit for you and your family, but that you are the right fit for the dog to ensure they are welcomed into a loving, forever home and won’t end up back in the rescue cycle.  It is often the presumption that dogs in rescues have been mistreated, are sick or have behavioural issues but this certainly isn’t always the case.  Often there is just a change in the families’ circumstances – Retro was healthy, well trained and is as gentle as they come.


All our interactions with Bridget and Carla was so easy going - there was no second guessing that these ladies do what they do out of pure love and care for these dogs.  Bridget fostered Retro while we were undergoing the adoption process and from the first day we met Retro, to the day we adopted him a month later, you can see how much he flourished living with her; by eating the right food, several vet visits, training and being allowed inside.   Another reason we encourage our friends and family to donate – you can really see where it goes!


We already had another rescue dog – Stella, an 8-year-old border collie and she was just as much a part of the process as we were.  Fast forward three months – Stella and Retro are now the best of friends, seriously inseparable!! Retro is not our pet, he is family.  Wherever we go, he goes.


Thanks again to Golden Paws, you gave us the opportunity to give this boy a second change at happiness and we couldn't be more grateful :) 


Ben & Angelica

August 2017



I just want to thank all involved, Bridget, and Kirsty, who are just amazing caring human beings!  They give so much of themselves to make sure they find safe and happy homes for Goldie's in need.

Every care is taken to make sure a full vet examination has been approved before leaving the carers which includes all necessary requirements to keep a healthy dog and enjoy their new surroundings.

We adopted Karly three months ago and she has really become a special part of our family.  We have another Golden, Sophie who is ten and both dogs are just inseparable.  Bridget and the carers were a great help to us when we had a planned vacation, Karly had a holiday with the girls and had a wonderful time judging by the photos!

Golden Paws is an amazing rescue group and I would never hesitate in helping these girls achieve their goals finding homes for these animals that just want to be loved and be your best friend.

Karly has made my family complete and she is receiving lots of hugs and kisses.
Thank you again girls, you are just great!!!

Geoff, Cathy and Sophie xxxx

August 2017



We would just like to say that Golden Paws Rescue (Bridget and the team) are a thorough and professional rescue and adoption team, from first contact to the final adoption you know you are dealing with loving caring people, the support offered to the rescue dogs and adoptees is second to none.  


We adopted Bella and Rocco, Golden Paws told us about the dogs and their potential issues.  They have both fitted into our family perfectly and cannot thank Golden Paws enough for all their help and continued support.   ❤️❤️


We cannot recommend Golden Paws enough for future adoptions.  


Steve & Natalie 

November 2017



Hello fellow Goldie lovers,

We are Mila’s proud and delighted ‘forever’ family. We are so grateful to Bridget. Mila has completed our family, we can’t remember life before her.

Bridget and her team at Golden Paws are so passionate about giving the rescue Goldies in their care a beautiful new life. Bridgets dedication particularly is out of this world.  To think, all that they do is totally volunteer based is awesome. The needs of the dogs are of upmost concern. After nurturing the dogs back to health, Bridget expertly matches the dogs with potential families. Thankfully and humbly, we were Mila’s match.

While the adoption process might, at first glance, seem bit arduous, you can quickly see that each stage is essential to ensure that these rescue Goldies are placed in homes that can provide the long term nurturing and care they deserve.

But the support doesn’t end there. Bridget is a constant sources of advice and support. She has kept in close contact with us and provided us with support through all of the challenges and the joys of welcoming a rescue Goldie into our lives.

Bridget, we are truly grateful for all the work you do, especially for all the time and effort it takes to do all the things from maintaining the website, to home visits, supplies of food, your care to detail, administration and annual audits and all the other things we don’t realise you do. But most of all, for caring the way you do.

We are so proud to support Golden Paws Rescue and are forever thankful.


Mila’s family :)

February 2018


To our wonderful new friends at Golden Paws Rescue Hervey Bay, we would firstly like to say how honoured and privileged we were to be accepted into the adoption program.  From the first contact and completing the adoption paperwork, we felt this to be an extremely professional and caring organisation.


The following home safety and suitability inspection undertaken by the Brisbane GPR representative/volunteer and discussion further enforced to us that this organisation cares deeply for the puppies and ensures they are going to a loving forever family. The communication with Golden Paws Rescue was regular and comprehensive on doggies coming into care, availability, vet reviews and then the best day of all, the trip up to Hervey Bay to pick up our wonderful boys! 


The handover and the prepared ‘care packages’ for each dog was overwhelming.  Golden Paws Rescue supplied food, toys, food bowls, collars and leads, and treats. Also, with each care package came directions on feeding, treatments etc. and an unexpected note to each boy from Golden Paws which again showed how much love and care they give to these doggies to ensure they will be loved for the rest of their lives.  Last weekend Golden Paws Rescue came down to Brisbane to provide the final review and hand over Bo and Gus’s Adoption documents and again the love and affection shown by GPR was truly something special and we cannot thank them enough for completing our family with our two new family members Bo and Gus.

Once again thank you Bridget, and Golden Paws Rescue. We feel not only do we have Bo and Gus joining our family, but also you Bridget and Carla.



Stephen and Sadet

November 2018


Thank you Bridget and the Golden Paws team for introducing us to another beautiful Golden Retriever.   

We were walking our gorgeous and very much treasured Woody (adopted 2 years ago from Golden Paws) along the beach when we bumped into Bridget walking Lincoln. “Silly us”… that time we were oblivious to our need of another Goldie but right there at our first meeting, Lincoln had us convinced that we should be his furever family.

Bridget and her team are so caring of all of the Goldies that find themselves in need. Once they are in the care of Golden Paws everything changes for them and it is a delight to witness how these caring people can change the life of a dog that has deserved better.  Every Goldie is in the best possible health when they are finally ready for their furever family. Along the way the way Bridget and the Golden Paws team introduce each Goldie on their Facebook site and then continue with a beautiful running commentary of their journey which is enjoyed by many followers.  Wonderful dedication and fantastic work!

As I write this Lincoln is very settled on the couch looking like he does not have a care in the world and rightfully so because he has definitely found his furever family and home.

Thank you again

Gayle & Syd 

January 2019


I have followed Golden Paws Rescue on Facebook for several years and have always admired the work they do in turning around the lives of surrendered Goldies and giving them a second chance.

In August of last year, we lost our beloved Chester, three days short of his 13th birthday. My husband and I were devastated and made the decision, almost immediately, that we had to have another Goldie ... this time a girl and our choices of name were Grace, Gracie or Willow.

In early October, just after we returned from an overseas trip, a friend posted on Facebook that “Gracie” from Golden Paws was looking for her “furever” home. Well, that’s when the roller coaster started ... phone calls were made, emails were sent, forms were filled and a property inspection was scheduled for the following day.

Bridget and Carla both visited our house ... it was obvious from the beginning, they are very passionate about what they do, and obviously love the Goldies in their care and only want what is best for them. Lucky for us, we passed muster and our trial adoption of Gracie commenced a couple of weeks later.

During the entire trial adoption period, and even now, both Bridget and Carla were never more than a phone call or an email away, which was very reassuring.

Thankfully, Gracie settled in extremely well and it now feels as though she has always been here ... she is an absolute delight and we are so happy she chose us!  We’re also pretty sure Chester had something to do with sending her our way ❤️

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending adopting from Golden Paws Rescue ... they go above and beyond for all the Goldies in their care and provide wonderful ongoing support ... the entire process has been absolutely faultless.

Gracie's Loving Family

May 2019


I recently adopted Millie and Honey, two senior golden retriever girls from Golden Paws Rescue.  Words cannot describe how lucky I was to be introduced to these two beautiful girls.  They are loving, sweet and kind girls with very different personalities but love each other very much.


The adoption process was clear and the application process was easy, providing the Golden Paws team with the information required to ensure that each doggy finds their pawfect family and fits in with the owners lifestyle.  The meet and greet process ensures that you can see the doggy in your home environment and if suitable, a trial is undertaken to ensure that both the doggy and family are pawfect for each other.  I knew from the first day that Millie and Honey arrived that they would not be going anywhere, they had found their furever home with us. 


I feel very blessed to have been chosen to be Millie and Honey’s mum, they have settled into our family so well and it is like I have had them all their life.  I would encourage anyone who is looking to adopt to consider a senior golden, you will avoid all the puppy issues!


Thank you to Golden Paws Rescue for entrusting me to care for these two beautiful girls, they have brought such love and joy into our lives.  I can’t imagine life without them now. 





September 2019


We didn’t start out to find a brother or sister for Bentley our 7 year old Golden Retriever but Molly found us on a wet morning at the million paws walk for the RSPCA, which in saying is testament to the dedication of the foster families and carer’s of GPR, as who else would be out on wet Sunday morning.


The process at the beginning seemed arduous, though we could see why they had certain processes, as they just want the best for their charges.  The process in the end was easy and with full support of Golden Paws Rescue, Molly has settled in and has found her furever family.

We adopted Molly to give her a happy life with lots of love; turns out she is giving us the same!!!!!


Molly’s Furever Family

September 2016


A huge thank you to Bridget and the team at Golden Paws Rescue. Words cannot say how much we appreciate you introducing us to our beautiful Louie.


The adoption process at Golden Paws is rigorous, but completely worth it! Having left their first owners, finding a new home could potentially be a upsetting and disorienting process for a dog, but the process that Golden Paws has in place ensures that they stay as happy and healthy as possible. The paperwork you fill out initially, allows Bridget and her team can match you to a Golden that will be right for your family and lifestyle. The meet-and-greet and trial process mean that, not only the Golden's welfare is catered for, but also your family's and any other pets that you may have as well.  When you are approved and finally get to say that your Golden has found his or her fur-ever home, you are doing it knowing with full confidence that both you, and your new best friend are happy. 


Louie is a happy, healthy, beautiful boy who is just perfect for our family. If it weren't for Golden Paws Rescue, we would never have gotten the opportunity to have such a gentle soul in our lives. We cannot thank you enough - Keep up the good work!!!


Tony, Penelope and Zoe :-)


October 2016


A Message from Charlie Ross


Thankyou for all your heartfelt love and care for firstly rescuing me and Lola, placing us with amazing foster carers and lastly, but not least, placing us with caring families.

Speaking for myself, I could not be happier, or more loved and cared for by my new family.

My family tells everyone about Golden Paws Rescue and the wonderful job they do. For anyone thinking of adopting a Goldie, this is the place to go. No ifs, butts (ha ha,) or maybes.

And my family cannot say enough about you guys.


Lots of love and thanks from…..

Charlies mob. 

March 2017

I recently had the great pleasure of adopting two beautiful Souls through Golden Paws Rescue.

I had decided that I still had more room in my heart and home for a senior rescue dog. I have owned Golden Retrievers before, and had decided that I would concentrate my adoption efforts on an older dog, and one that may need some medical support in their twilight years.

I googled, and my search led me to Golden Paws. I sent my paperwork in, knowing that the wait may be long, but worth it in the end.  The lovely volunteer with Golden Paws, visited my home within a couple of weeks, just to make sure I would be able to provide a safe and loving home if a rescue dog became available. The committee then discussed my application and thankfully decided that I would be suitable.

There was a senior dog, Treva (12 yrs. old), ready for adoption, so my husband and I jumped in the car and headed to Hervey Bay to visit Bridget’s home and the gorgeous Treva. Bridget started Golden Paws Rescue, and her passion and love for the Goldie’s in her care is inspiring.  Bridget is warm, funny, caring and passionate.

Luckily for us, Treva came into care with another Golden Retriever, Mia (11 years old). Treva and Mia had been together for 11 years.  Mia has a terminal illness and Bridget discussed the option of adopting both dogs together.  We could not part them, so asked if we could adopt them both.

They came to live with us on a 4 week trial, and we were visited during this time by Bridget and Carla, so Golden Paws could be assured we were providing the best care possible for these two beautiful souls.  The Committee approved our adoption, and we are now the proud parents of Mia & Treva (and Harry & George our other dogs!!).

The whole process of adoption through Golden Paws was truly special. They really have the dog’s best interests at heart and will only place their doggies with suitable homes.  Paperwork to transfer ownership was handled professionally. Not a stone was left unturned and we were supported the whole way through the process.

I was so lucky to find Golden Paws. Mia & Treva have bought so much Joy to our lives in such a short period of time.

If you are looking to adopt, I would highly recommend Golden Paws. They are extremely professional, passionate and wonderful!

Anne, Richard and family

June 2017

The adoption process at Golden Paws Rescue really proves the team love their dogs as much as we do, treating them all as family right from the start, and are 100% committed to getting the best outcome for everyone.


While we gladly put a lot of time into the adoption process, the team at Golden Paws Rescue clearly invested a lot more. They checked through all the details we sent, drove from far distances to see first-hand where our beautiful girl Gracie now calls home, left a care package that was beyond expectations and continued to check in with us to see how she was settling in. We felt like Gracie was top of mind for them the entire time, all while continuing to care so well for their other dogs and keep things running. We are blessed to have found the perfect addition to our family through this wonderful organisation. We adopted Gracie, a beautiful and loving girl, who clearly learned what it meant to be part of a loving family thanks to her foster mum and Golden Paws Rescue. She quickly became a part of our family and warmed to her new brother but still gets excited when seeing her old foster mum which just shows how genuine the connection was.


While we continue our commitment to working with Gracie to build confidence and understanding that she will be safe and loved forever, we would like to thank Golden Paws Rescue for giving her the best start on this journey so we could simply continue it.


Golden Paws Rescue, like other rescue organisations, operates with limited resources, however the team does not allow this to limit their level of care and commitment.


Thank you for everything you do. The experience we had and the outcomes for our furry family members has definitely set the best impression for us and confirmed that adoption was the best thing to do.

Gracie's Mum and Dad (and Archie the Lab) !

November 2017

We feel so very blessed that the gorgeous Billy has come into our family .


We are so very thankful to Golden Paws Rescue.  The GPR team are very thorough with their adoption process, and we have been supported by Bridget every step of the way.  They are dedicated to getting a successful outcome for all the Goldies that come into their care and you can tell they genuinely love these dogs and are willing to go above and beyond to find the best homes .


When Billy came into our family he was in great health, had some basic training, and arrived with food, supplements, toys, collar and lead.  We could tell immediately that Billy had been so loved by first Bridget then Carla.  We thank them both for their encouragement and time over the trial process.


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to love and care for Billy for the rest of his life .


Billy was so very lucky to find Golden Paws Rescue.  Whenever people ask us about Billy, the first thing we say is he is a Golden Paws Rescue dog !!! 


Peter and Rosemary 

January 2018

Alan and I are delighted to provide a testimonial for Golden Paws Rescue, and to Bridget for the outstanding work they do.

From the very first contact, we knew we were dealing with an organisation, that had the utmost concern for finding the right homes for these rescue dogs.  Being “foster fails” – we know Golden Paws Rescue have the knack of matching people with the dog’s personality!

There was constant help available in the early days to help settle in the dogs, and all necessary Veterinarian requirements were taken care of promptly. Nothing was too much trouble, and all done with a smile and kind praise. Bridget is a legend in sharing knowledge and advice, with helpful diet sheets and medication reminders.

It is only a few months since we joined the Golden Paws Rescue family, and we cannot imagine being without Maximus and Rufus. Being invited to the annual Xmas party in Hervey Bay was a very special introduction into the continuing support from this small group of like-minded people.

We proudly tell all our walking companions where Max and Ruffie came from and pass on the word that there is always hope out there for any Goldie’s that need help.

Hopefully, although we are a complete family again, we can continue to help Golden Paws Rescue with fostering – I’m sure our boys will happily help along a new mate.

If you are thinking of adopting - don’t hesitate to get involved with this wonderful group.

Kind regards

Jane Alan Maximus Rufus

March 2018


We can't thank you enough for our fur baby Nala. You go to the greatest  lengths to find the best homes humanly possible for all your Golden's so that they are so loved and treasured in their forever homes.


Your attention to detail and follow through is fantastic, every thing you do is for the best possible out come for your dogs (health and happiness wise).  We will keep in touch and see you regularly with our treasured Girl.


Carole, Keith and Nala 

April 2018


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bridget and Carla from Golden Paws Rescue, for the help and support they have given us , during the process of adopting Levi. It has been a long journey, but at no stage did we feel that we were on our own.

Levi, as everyone knows, came to Golden Paws as a very sick dog.His ear infection was very severe and without the dogged determination of Golden Paws, I don't believe he would have survived. And what a loss that would have been. Levi is a beautiful dog,and he is so loving. He loves going to the beach and for rides in the car, and of a night time when my husband goes to bed, he becomes my guard dog. Not a very good one,I might add,as he goes to sleep at my feet, but he is my shadow. I didn't think I could ever become so attached to another dog after the loss of my last Goldie, but this dog has wormed his way into our family and our hearts. He just wanted someone to love him as well.Being almost 12 years old, he may only have a few years left, but we intend to make them the best we can.

That there is an organisation out there that is saving these Goldies and ensuring that they live a safe and happy life is just amazing. Bridget and Carla , thank you. You both do a tremendous job and I appreciate all the time and support you have given us.

I would also like to make special thanks to Professor Ken Mason and Rebekah, who have been unbelievable in helping to make Levi  better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Gail and Bryan

December 2018


We first started looking for a dog for our family several months ago. Having had Golden Retrievers before it was an easy decision to get another one – but from where?

We found the Golden Paws website and followed their stories on FB. We noticed that Golden Paws Rescue in Hervey Bay whilst small in ‘size’, were large in providing a very dedicated service for the re-homing of Golden Retrievers.

From our very first contact with Bridget (and subsequently Carla) it was clear how passionate, caring and thorough the team at Golden Paws were in assessing both our premises and family situation to ascertaining the best fit (if any) that could be achieved with one of their Goldies.

We found the whole process from the very first phone call, through the application stage, premise inspection and introduction to ‘Buddy’, whilst thorough to be seamless. At all times Bridget and her team were very friendly, helpful and excellent in communications.

The final day of handover was quite impressive with the ‘care programme’ outlining all the information we needed including initial food and treats as well as food bowls, harness and lead.

During the trial period, Bridget kept in regular contact and discussed several things into our journey.

‘Buddy’ has now settled in so well. He is an integral part of our family. We could not be happier that we can provide a new, safe and loving home and environment to him.  Not that it ends there. We have also gained new friends in the Golden Paws Rescue group.

Lastly, we feel very privileged to be included in the Golden Paws Rescue adoption programme and have no hesitation in providing the best commendation possible to Bridget, Carla, the foster families and other volunteers within the group.


Mike, Ewa, Jack and Buddy

April 2019


Thank you to Bridget and Carla for bringing our boy Indy into our life.


The team at Golden Paws Rescue are very committed to making sure that each and every pup finds the best fit possible for their forever home, and we are thankful that means that we get to have Indy in our family. 


The process involved in applying to adopt a Golden Paws pup means that if you are committed to rehoming a rescue, you know exactly what is expected of you.   They are clear in their expectations and upfront about any extra love and care your new dog may need going forward.


We already had a 1 year old rescued Golden Retriever, Rupert, when we saw Indy was looking for a new home and we fell in love with him immediately. Carla was fantastic in bringing Indy over for play dates to make sure that Rupert and Indy were both going to be comfortable and happy with each other going forward. And now they are the best of friends and absolutely inseparable.


I would recommend Golden Paws Rescue to any one committed to adopting one of their beautiful pups!



Lots of love from Ali, Darren, Rupert and Indy

June 2019


We are so happy to provide this testimonial for Golden Paws Rescue.


We saw Stella's profile on Facebook and were so keen to get to know about her, but didn't know if we would be lucky enough to become her chosen family.


From our initial contact with Bridget, and then Carla, things moved swiftly and we were delighted to be able to meet Stella within a day or so at a local Goldie Gathering. As soon as we met her we knew she was the perfect dog to complete our fur family and hoped that Stella would agree!


The organisation and care of the handover of Stella to our care was fantastic and left nothing for us to guess at.  High quality food, toys, bowls, collars, leads and treats were all provided.


The care, organisation and communication from Bridget and Carla has been faultless throughout the process. Nothing was rushed, no question was too trivial and once Stella started her adoption trial living with us any questions were warmly welcomed and answered.  Their dedication to finding perfect forever homes for these beautiful dogs is absolutely unwavering.


We have absolutely loved every moment that Stella has been in our lives. We adore her and she is the perfect addition to our family.  Our other dog has adapted really well and Stella is very happy, settled, fun loving and so easy to love.  She loves her park walks, beach trips, car trips, her new 'sister' Sophie, her feline siblings, her food and her cuddles. She is just so affectionate and we cannot believe how incredibly lucky we have been to cross paths with this wonderful girl.


A huge thank you to GPR, Bridget and Carla - we look forward to many more years of bombarding you with photos of Stella!

From Stella's Forever Family

October 2019


A big thank you to Bridget and Golden Paws Rescue for selecting us to be Ollie's forever family. He is such a beautiful boy and has settled in so well with our family, it's as if he has always lived here.


Golden Paws Rescue take the time to truly understand each and every dogs needs, before offering them for adoption. Their rigorous processes, ensure a smooth transition and that the Goldens are placed in the only the best homes, suited to the dogs needs.


Ollie came to me with the most amazing Care Package, which included everything a Goldie could ever wish for and more. Leads, collars, bedding, toys, food etc. It still blows me away just thinking about it. Laminated documentation with directions on feeding, treatment needs and a general over view of Ollie were included. So much thought had gone into Ollie's handover.



Thanks again Bridget, we are so grateful to have Ollie in our lives, sharing his limitless love and affection.

From Ollie's Family

December 2019


After we lost our 14-year-old Labrador, we were unsure that a puppy would be a suitable companion for our 9-year-old retriever. While searching on Facebook, we came across Golden Paws. We had no idea that organisations such as this existed. After looking through the available dogs, we found and fell in love with Shelby. What was evident from the outset of this process, was the professional way in which the adoptions are carried out. The Expression of Interest form was comprehensive and immediately set the tone for the entire process. We knew from the outset, that the perfect match for the dogs up for adoption, was the only outcome that mattered.


After inspecting our home, Golden Paws set up a meeting for our family (including our boy Otis) and Shelby. We met in a park to give all involved an opportunity to meet without the pressure or expectation of their own space.


After this meeting, we were given time to discuss and make sure that we all felt that Shelby would fit well in our home. Naturally, we fell in love, as did Otis and we were soon approved to be her furever home.


What happened next was nothing short of amazing. It was determined that Shelby not be placed in our care until we completed a move, to minimise the stress she would undergo. Her foster carers agreed to keep Shelby with them for 3 months to ensure that the transition went as well as possible for our girl. Not only that, they arranged for us to meet with Shelby once a week to help her get used to us and Otis.


It is these meetings we credit with Shelby’s ability to settle into our home within a couple of days, instead of the week or 2 we had anticipated.


Shelby is now living a full and very loving life with her brother, and family. We just cannot thank Golden Paws enough both for the work they do, and how hard they work to make sure that all the dogs in their care find the right families for them.



From Shelby's Furever Family

March 2020


Recently we had the pleasure of welcoming the wonderful Jake into our family. He is a very loving, funny and gentle giant who has settled into life with us so much so it seems like he has been here forever.


This was made possible by the wonderful team at Golden Paws Rescue. This is a truly professional organisation with the welfare of the dogs being the centre of all that they do. The adoption process was so well organised with very clear guidelines at every stage of the journey.


Communication was excellent from beginning to end and Bridget always available for advice and any questions at all.


Bridget and Carla and the team we cannot thank you enough for Jake and also acknowledge all the work you do for all the dogs that come into your care. Your commitment and dedication to the rescues is amazing and we will continue to follow your stories.


We would wholeheartedly recommend Golden Paws Rescue to anyone considering adoption and/or surrender as they take such great care in finding the right home for the dogs.



Margaret, Bob, Reilly and Jake.

September 2020


To Bridget, Carla, and the rest of the panel at Golden Paws Rescue (GPR). Thank you all SO much for choosing us to be Buddy and Charlee’s new family.  We are so excited, and SO in love.  They are the cuddliest pups, with the funniest personalities, and we are feeling so very lucky to have them be a part of our family.


When we lost our beautiful old Fudge last year, we were shattered and thought we wouldn’t ever be able to get another, but once we decided it was time to welcome a new fur baby into our home, we couldn’t believe our luck when we ended up with this adorable brother and sister pair.

So if you are looking for a new furry family addition, we cannot recommend enough going through Golden Paws Rescue. They are professional, caring, and love their dogs so much. They are totally committed to finding the best furever homes for their rescues/surrenders, and ensuring the best fit for the new families.

The adoption process is very thorough (for a smooth and less stressful move for the pups), but it is definitely worth it.  After sending off our application, we had a house inspection, and then had our meet & greet (and fell in love).  Once we were accepted for the trial period, bringing Buddy and Charlee home could not have been easier. GPR had taken care of everything from a full vet examination, vaccinations, and providing information on any health issues. We also received information on their diets, where to source certain specialty products/food, and care packages for each of them. Same went for the official handover after completion of the trial period. GPR organised the transfer of microchips and vet records, and provided more information sheets. Bridget was amazing and so supportive throughout this whole process, and was always available if we had any questions.

Thanks again Bridget and GPR for all the great work you do taking care of, and finding new homes for these beautiful souls. Our home is complete again.

The Wood family 💖

November 2019


The people at Golden Paws Rescue are some of the most dedicated and amazing people you could ever hope to meet.

When we decided to find a sibling for our young female German Shepherd - Eva, we wanted it to be a rescue dog and we decided it had to be a Golden Retriever.

The process to adopt through Golden Paws is very thorough to ensure that the rescue dog is not only going to good home but is suitably matched to its potential new owner and the potential new owner has a suitable home for the dog.

After passing the pre-inspection stage where we, our house and our German Shepherd were inspected, we waited in anticipation for a call to meet our new fur baby.

When we first met ‘Poppy’ it was love at first sight. She is a gorgeous 5-year-old who just loves pats and cuddles.

Poppy has well and truly settled in and is now a very loved member of the family and a great sister to Eva. We now have two shadows who follow us everywhere.

While its heart breaking to think that Poppy’s first few years were not terribly happy, it’s great to now see her so happy in her for-ever home where she’s truly loved.

Thank you to the incredibly special people at Golden Paws Rescue for the amazing work you do and for the opportunity to give a beautiful dog the life it deserves.

John, Angela and Eva

February 2020


We can never thank Bridget and the incredible team at Golden Paws Rescue enough for entrusting us with the sweet and gentle natured Abbie. She has completed our family.

We found the entire adoption process very smooth, open and supportive. From the moment we submitted our expression of interest until we got her final adoption certificate. Bridget was professional, warm, kind, helpful, reassuring and kept us updated regularly with clear communication.

We already had a big goof ball golden called ‘Charlie’ and knew we would only be a complete family with a second golden. We had been following Golden Paws Rescue for a while and were impressed with their transparency and thorough adoption process. It was clear how much they genuinely cared for all goldens and how important it was that they found the right family for each of their dogs. We weren’t wrong.

GPR happily assisted us through the entire process, from premises inspection, dog meet, to pick up. Golden Paws Rescue really care about what they do and it shows in everything that they do. From full veterinary health checks, nutritional advice and an incredible care package including a huge supply of dog food, supplements, collar, lead, dog bowl and treats. The best part is that all the support doesn’t just end with your final adoption, we are so proud to be a part of the larger GPR family furever.

It is our absolute delight to recommend Golden Paws if you are serious about adopting your furever golden.

Thank you Bridget, you are pawsome!

Love from Abbie, Charlie, Joe & Abi

April 2020


As the proud owner of two GPR dogs we thought we should take the time to share our experience with Golden Paws Rescue.

From the beginning with the very comprehensive process of applying for adoption,  we found GPR to be exceptionally thorough with leaving no stone unturned to ensure that we fit the bill in every way possible…and who wouldn’t want that for their dogs.

We went for a road trip to meet the girls and obviously GPR, and to be honest we were taken back with the amount of wonderful work they do to help Fur babies find the best fit and to get them in the best health both physically and mentally… they truly are an amazing organisation.

After passing site inspections and many interviews we were gifted with our girls.  The support you are given is second to none, everything and I mean everything, is outlined with what you need to know to ensure you maintain the health and well being of the fur babies. They were both given a very professional support package, the amount of work and detail invested into putting these together just proves the love and devotion GPR invest into their dogs.

They are a fantastic organisation and we couldn’t recommend them any higher.  Bridget and the team have given us two beautiful fur babies of which we love and adore, keep up the wonderful work you do, and if anyone is looking to adopt you truly need to visit GPR and see for yourself just what this brilliant and passionate organisation does.


Thanks GPR

Peter, Fiona and Family

May 2021


Golden Paws Rescue is one of a kind. The faces and hearts behind this adoption group are far beyond any expectations I would have had.


The support and effort from Bridget, Carla and Alan was absolutely telling of the passion these people have for their rescues. From start to finish and beyond it was always about making sure that Bentley was the perfect match for our family and that we were the perfect match for him. Bridget knows absolutely everything about these dogs to ensure a perfect outcome. I have never adopted a senior pooch before but I don’t think I’d ever do it any other way. We met Bentley multiple times before the trial process and I think this is a great way to be sure of a match.


I would recommend looking into adopting from Golden Paws any day of the week if you are considering a new fur family member ❤️ 

Bentley's Family

August 2021


We cannot thank you all enough for everything you have done in making our adoption of Dixie possible.

We met Dixie at the beach at a Golden meet up and since then Bridget and the team have done everything possible to allow Dixie to slowly integrate into our family. (This involved a number of sleepovers and plenty of running around for Bridget in the beginning!)

Dixie is only a pup, however it was obvious from the beginning that she was being trained well by Golden Paws and was living in a foster home that was teaching her manners. 

We have a 2yr old Golden and the two of them are inseparable, our cat is also pretty happy about having another sister to torment! 

So thank you all again, I can’t imagine how much emotional energy it takes to change the lives of so many lucky dogs, but without you we wouldn’t have Dixie in our lives.

All our love,

Tess, Tristen & the girls x

June 2022



We just want to thank you so much for everything you have done to help us adopt Lexie. It has been clear all through the detailed process, and since, that you only have one priority and that is the long-term welfare of the dogs that come into your care.

We were impressed with the time you took to inspect our property and talk to us to make sure that not only was Lexie the right dog for us but more importantly we could commit to meeting her needs long-term.


All that attention to detail has paid off and we now have a fantastic relationship with a wonderful dog that suits us perfectly and who we adore. We are certain that the feeling is mutual by the way!


The care that you and your foster carers show and the fact that we have been welcomed into that community means we feel that we have not only adopted a dog but been adopted by a group of people that really care for all dogs, not just their own, as well. We know that if ever we need support in caring for Lexie that it will be there for us.


We would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone that either wants to adopt a retriever or for whatever reasons can no longer look after their dog and want to be sure it goes to a loving home.


We have really appreciated our relationship with you and the greater Golden Paws family and we look forward to supporting you and meeting up over the coming years.


Kind Regards,


Roy & Doon

November 2023


Thank you Bridget and the Golden Paws Team for introducing us to Dusty who is a beautiful soul.


We cannot give enough thanks to the wonderful work and effort that Bridget places into Golden Paws Rescue.  We knew at once just how dedicated, caring and passionate they are to make sure that they find the right fit for the both the fur baby and the family.  We were so impressed with everything that Bridget and her team do.


The whole process from start to finish is thorough and flawless.  Bridget provides wonderful communication, help and is so friendly and supportive. Bridget was so generous in providing food, treats, harness, leads and many other goodies.


We feel so blessed and grateful to have the privilege of adopting the beautiful Dusty.   Dusty has settled in so well and has become such a valued member of our family.  He is quite a character, and we love every minute of this journey with him.


We would highly recommend Bridget and the Team at Golden Paws Rescue. This is truly a wonderful organisation changing the lives of both goldies and families. Thank you!


From Dusty’s Family

May 2024


Our experience with Golden Paws Rescue (GPR) has been nothing short of exceptional, particularly in the journey leading to Molly's adoption. Our initial encounter with GPR stemmed from a recommendation by someone deeply involved in fostering and adopting Goldies, while volunteering at the AWLQ dog's home. From that moment, the positive impressions began to unfold.


Our point of contact, Bridget, exemplified genuine care from the get-go. She meticulously ensured that the Goldie entering our home would not only suit our family dynamics but also harmonize with our existing furry member Norbert. Bridget's guidance and support were unwavering throughout the fostering and adoption process. No query was deemed insignificant, and we were met with patience and understanding at every turn.


What truly sets Golden Paws apart is their commitment to transparency and support. They equipped us with all the essentials for Molly's arrival, leaving no room for uncertainty. The transition from fostering to adoption was seamless, thanks to their clear communication and guidance. At every stage, we felt informed and reassured, sparing us any unforeseen surprises. Above all, GPR's ethos revolves around the welfare of the Goldies. It's evident that their actions are driven by compassion and a genuine love for these furry companions. The sense of community fostered by GPR is truly heart-warming; we feel like part of a larger family, connected through our shared love for these wonderful animals. The invitation to local doggy meet-ups further underscores this camaraderie, reinforcing the bonds formed through GPR.


Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Golden Paws for facilitating Molly's adoption and enriching our lives with her presence.




Anita, GJ, Euan, Niamh and Norbert

February 2022


I had been following Golden Paws Rescue for a couple of years and was so in awe at the love, care, compassion and dedication that Bridget and Carla and the other volunteer foster carers show to all their rescues.

Nothing is too hard, they would do anything for their doggies. GPR go above and beyond in the best interests of their rescue dogs until they can be adopted to their forever families.

We were devastated after losing our 13 year old Goldie Nikki in 2019. I started following GPR more closely and I was in love with them all, but we weren’t quite ready yet.

Then Carla brings along ‘Moses’ to a meet up and that was that, he was the one! Such a bouncy, happy, excited puppy, who loves everyone. You would never know he had a hip replaced at 6 months old, thanks to GPR and their Vets.

We went through the adoption process and trial with success. Now our family is complete.

Moses rescued us and we love him. ❤

Thank you so much Bridget and Carla you guys are awesome.


Julie and John

October 2022



What a wonderful Golden Retriever rescue organisation!


My family gave it plenty of thought when we applied for a gorgeous goldie this year making sure we’d be the right fit for him, meet his needs, and could provide him with an amazing life full of all sorts of adventures.

Boomer honestly ticked all the boxes, and we were in awe of how well managed everything was from the moment our application was accepted through to the trial period and then of course the official ownership.


It’s a credit to Bridget and her team how many countless hours they put in to ensure that the surrendered goldens go to their perfect furever home.  They really do have the dog’s best interest at heart with meet and greets and premise inspections carried out before the adoption can proceed.


Everything was thoroughly explained about our doggie’s needs; training, nutrition, exercise, health etc. When our handsome Boomer was dropped off we received the most amazing care package covering everything from premium food, bedding, shampoo, harness, lead to his very own personalised bowl and bandana (plus everything in between!).  Laminated instructions were clear and easy to follow.


Our golden boy has settled so well into our family (even our rescue greyhound has a new spring in her step now that Boomer is in her life!) Our love for him only gets greater each and every day! He really is a beautiful soul, with a huge golden heart. Boomer has completed our family and has added so much to our lives.


Thanks again.


Love Boomer’s family Mel, Glenn, the boys and playmate Helena!

March 2024


After we lost our first golden in 2021 (aged 11), I started following Golden Paws Rescue on Facebook thanks to a patient telling me about this amazing organisation.


Mid 2022 we adopted a gorgeous golden called Hannah from SmartPups and then fast forward to 2024, the beautiful Honey was surrendered to Golden Paws Rescue and I knew she would be the perfect addition to our family. All of the rescue dogs undergo a thorough vet check and any issues are attended to.


The adoption process is professional and a lot goes into this and absolutely necessary to ensure the right fit for not only the rescue golden but also the family (human & furbabies). Application, phone calls, committee meetings, property inspection, meet & greet, 4 week adoption trial, finalising the adoption etc.


During the 4 week trial, the wonderful Bridget stays in regular contact with you to ensure that everything is going well and if there are any issues. Honey's transition into our family has been super easy, as she is the most loving dog. Hannah was on the exact same diet, supplements etc as was needed for Honey. 


The bond these girls have is so beautiful to watch, they do everything together (walk, play and sleep) and go everywhere together. We have more fur (golden glitter) in our house but wouldn't have it any other way. 


Thank you for choosing us to give Honey the wonderful life she so deserves.


Much love Lilly, Craig, Hannah & Honey

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