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This Initiative will be TODAY after running for 3 months.

Only 3 Things you need to Qualify!

1.  You live in Hervey Bay

2.  You are the holder of a Pension, Health Care, Disability, or Veteran Affairs Card

3.  Your dog is born before/prior to 30th April 2016


Golden Paws Rescue is offering to heavily subsidise the desexing of your dog for a limited time only.

You will be required to submit a copy of your Centrelink Statement for verification records (this information remains totally confidential).

This initiative has commenced and is for Hervey Bay residents only.

Desexing surgery will take place at Hervey Bay Vets, Boat Harbour Drive, Pialba.

Prices that you will pay if you are a holder of the above cards:

Male Dog:                                                    Female Dog:

Up to 10kg          $70                                   Up to 10kg           $85

11 to 20kg           $75                                   11 to 20kg            $95

Over 20kg           $80                                   Over 20kg            $115

***  To submit your registration for approval, please complete all the fields below, then hit the "submit" button.

***  Please remember to attach a copy of your Centrelink Statement to be considered for our Program.

***  Please read the Terms and Conditions before you submit your Registration for Approval.


Thanks! Form Submitted. Don't forget to add your Centrelink Document!

Please Read Below Before Submitting Your Form

Our Desexing Program is aimed at offering assistance to those who are unemployed, elderly, or on a pension that may not have the financial means to desex their dog.  Therefore, we require your pension card, health care card or Veteran Affairs Card number; and a Centrelink Statement to support receiving financial funding for your dogs desexing.  The Centrelink Statement is to verify your name, address and card number.

This information remains confidential.



This offer is only available to dogs that are born PRIOR to 30th April 2016. This offer is not available for cats.

You live in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

This offer is for desexing only.  Any “extras” which may include but are not limited to microchipping, vaccinating, blood tests, pregnant bitches, overweight dogs; and any complications are not included in this offer. 


We will assist with the cost of desexing one dog per household

(any additional dogs will be looked at on a case by case basis).


This offer is only eligible with Hervey Bay Vets, Boat Harbour Drive Pialba.

This offer is valid for a limited time only which will be advised by Golden Paws Rescue Inc.

This offer is not redeemable for cash and is not to be used for other veterinary treatments.

This offer is valid specifically for the dog mentioned on this form. You may not gift this offer to another person.


When you submit the above completed form, and your Centrelink Statement, we will advise by return email confirmation of acceptance, and advise the amount you will need to pay Golden Paws Rescue Inc, based on the weight you have provided for your dog.  Please be aware that your dog will be weighed again by our Vet, when you arrive for your appointment.  A Payment code reference number will be emailed to you once acceptance has been confirmed.  Please use this payment code as a reference when making your payment to Golden Paws Rescue.  Once we have received payment, we will issue you with a receipt, and Golden Paws Rescue will make your appointment and advise you via email and/or mobile. Please do not make payment to our account until we have issued you with a payment code and confirmation of acceptance.


You Declare by submitting the above registration:

-        You are the owner of the dog specified on this application

-        The information you have provided on this form is true and correct.

-        The weight that you have written down is the correct and current weight of your dog

-        Golden Paws Rescue will be funding the remainder of the cost of desexing, based on the weight you have provided.

-        If your dog weighs more than you have declared, you are responsible for the additional cost of desexing.

-        Any extra costs incurred in addition to desexing, are immediately payable by you to Hervey Bay Vet when you

         collect your dog.  Hervey Bay Vet will advise you of any additional cost prior to collection of your dog.

-        You will arrange transport to and from Hervey Bay Veterinary Surgery for your dogs desexing appointment.

         Your dog must be collected on the same day.  Additional fees will be incurred and payable by you, if you do not

         collect your dog on the same day.

-        You will not hold Golden Paws Rescue Inc. or Hervey Bay Veterinary Surgery responsible for any complications

         arising from your dogs desexing surgery.


You agree to the above Terms and Conditions of this Desexing Offer by Golden Paws Rescue Inc:






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